Mapping Environmental Education in Minnesota

At the 2014 Board Retreat in January, MAEE President John Smith had a great idea - “let’s create a map of everyone doing EE in Minnesota!” The MAEE Board members put their heads together, drew out a big map of Minnesota, and starting writing in all of the organizations, schools, parks, government agencies, and other entities they knew of doing anything related to environmental education across the state. Twelve board members generated an impressive list, but we know that there are many more organizations out there that we don’t know about yet.

We made the map electronic and interactive via Google Maps and brought it to the MAEE Conference in June to get more suggestions. Now updated with those points, we are bringing it live to our newsletter and website for you to explore! This map is still a work in progress, but we hope it will be a tool for you to find others engaging people in environmental education across the state.

Go ahead, explore all the environmental education that Minnesota has to offer! 

Click on each point to see their name, address, phone, and link to their website to learn more. If you know of something that is not on the map, please contact and we will be sure to add it in!

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