Advocacy Corner: Protect our Pollinators

Tell Minnesota decision-makers: Protect our Pollinators!

Minnesotans are doing what we can to protect bees. But to turn the tide on pollinator decline, we need our decision-makers like you to step up and create stronger policies at the state level to protect our pollinators. Minnesota needs policies that truly protect pollinators:

  • Restrict neonicotinoids: Neonics are a driving factor in pollinator decline. Minnesota should immediately restrict or suspend their use.
  • Fund farmers to implement pollinator-friendly practices: Farmers who transition away from using neonic pesticides should be supported for their pollinator-friendly practices. The state can create initiative to support farmers.
  • Restore local control over pesticide policy: Minnesota’s “preemption” law prevents local government from passing pesticide policies that are stricter than state law. This keeps local communities from setting their own standards for pesticide use.
  • Increase transparency about pesticide use: When pesticides are applied, they don’t stay where they’re put; they often drift to contaminate our air, water, crops or beehives. We have a right to know when and where pesticides are applied. Minnesota needs a pesticide use reporting law.

Tell Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture, Commissioner:

Tell Governor Mark Dayton: 651-201-3400 or submit a message to him at:

Tell your legislators: who represents me? Look it up at

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