Join MAEE & NAAEE for Environmental Education Advocacy Day

By: Matthew Young, MAEE Board Member

Do you believe in creating a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, hopeful, and sustainably-minded future? Do you want to motivate current and future generations to become environmentally literate citizens in a world undergoing accelerating climate change and other environmental disruptions? Do you want to make a difference in having your voice and other voices heard about the importance of making environmental education a TOP priority in education funding for the years ahead?

If you answer β€œYes” to any of these questions, then we at MAEE have an invitation for you! Join us on Wednesday, February 20th alongside the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) for Environmental Education Advocacy Day as we plan to:

  • discuss upcoming state and federal legislation supporting environmental education,
  • mobilize our efforts,
  • and to meet with our elected officials to support such legislation!

Upcoming bills have a REAL chance of passing this year and they can secure environmental education funding and other means of support for years ahead, legislation including the state-level No Child Left Inside grant program and the federal-level Climate Change Education Act!

Stay tuned during the upcoming days as we share out plans (follow our Facebook page for updates) for specific state representative, state senator, and Congressional District office meetings during the day of February 20th. To register, follow the NAAEE event link here AND feel free to email/call MAEE Advocacy Coordinator Matthew Young at and/or at (651) 802-5693. Thank you and we look forward to coming together and making our voices loud and proud about the importance of environmental education on February 20th and long into the future!