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About the Minnesota Landscape Analysis Project

GOAL: To identify gaps and remove barriers that prevent access to environmental education and outdoor opportunities in Minnesota


The Minnesota Landscape Analysis Project aims to enable organizations, government units, and schools to focus their efforts where it matters most with the ultimate goal of ensuring that every Minnesotan has equitable access to environmental education and outdoor opportunities. Funded by EcoRise and Jeffers Foundation, the project includes a comprehensive study of the environmental education already happening on the ground, enabling the identification of gaps and barriers to access that prevent successful implementation statewide. This work will result in recommendations and outlining next steps for increasing access to outdoor programs and environmental literacy efforts based on an inventory of model programs and initiatives happening nationwide.

PHASE I:  Comprehensive state-wide survey

The landscape analysis project will begin with a comprehensive state-wide survey of existing opportunities and a compilation of spatial data that is relevant to identifying gaps and barriers.  Starting in 2024, the Landscape Analysis Project, an annual survey will be conducted to identify where environmental education and outdoor opportunities are currently occurring across the state with the goal of identifying needs and opportunities.  The project will result in three tools:  a field trends dashboard, a gaps, barriers, and opportunities map, and findings and recommendations.  (January 2024 - September 2024)


The field trends dashboard will be an interactive tool that educators and stakeholders can use to identify environmental education providers and programs in their area.


The equity gaps and opportunities map will allow users to research the current programs available and who they are serving as well as the demographics of people served.


This analysis will equip the organizations with the resources they need to address gaps, allocate resources more effectively, and increase access to outdoor opportunities.

PHASE II: State-wide Symposium

After the initial survey is conducted, results will be translated into usable maps that can be evaluated and translated into recommendations. At that stage, the MN LAP will coordinate a state-wide symposium to bring together all organizations, local leaders, educators, and other interested parties to discuss next steps and set state-wide goals. The symposium will be conducted every other  year in order to track progress, update goals, and identify additional opportunities.  (Anticipated for Spring 2025)

PHASE III: Regional Collaborations

In order to make lasting change, regional collaborations will be formed to ensure that environmental groups and organizations are able to coordinate effectively together to address local gaps in access to opportunities. The regions will be determined by geography and information and feedback gathered from the state-wide symposium.  (Anticipated to launch in summer/fall 2025)

PHASE IV: Outdoor Opportunities Map

In a later phase, the information will be used to develop a state-wide map of environmental education and outdoor opportunities to allow educators, families, and groups to easily identify opportunities available.  (Anticipated in 2025)


One of the target users of the landscape analysis project is the Minnesota’s Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights (COBR) partners. COBR is an initiative of the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet, involving multiple state agencies and other organizations dedicated to getting children and families outdoors. This initiative and its partners are well-positioned to take action on the landscape analysis results in an impactful way.





The Landscape Analysis Project started with a Focus Group in April of 2023 that helped direct the types of questions in the state-wide survey and the types of geographic information collected for the analysis. The Focus Group will also help provide feedback on the tools that are developed. If you are interested in joining the Focus Group, please contact us at maeeinfo@gmail.com with "Landscape Analysis Project" in the subject line.


The survey for the Landscape Analysis Project will be launched in March of 2024.  Please help us gather comprehensive information by taking the survey and sharing the survey link with as many organizations as possible.


The Minnesota Landscape Analysis Partnership (MLAP) is composed of organizations with complimentary missions and similar goals to grow an environmental stewardship ethic in Minnesota through direct experiences with nature and the outdoors and to provide access to environmental education and outdoor experiences for all Minnesotans.


Building widespread environmental stewardship through equitable access to the outdoors and environmental programming takes time, expertise, and coordination.  The Minnesota Association for Environmental Education (MAEE), the Minnesota Children and Nature Connection (MnCNC) and Wilderness Inquiry are partnering together in coordination with the Gen:Thrive Program at EcoRise to dedicate that time, expertise, and coordination to conducting a landscape analysis of environmental education efforts in Minnesota.